Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA)

The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) is a five member board with staggered terms of five years.  The ZBA members are public officers and must comply with all the requirements for public officers.  Members of village zoning boards of appeals are required to complete ten (10) hours of training within the first two years and two (2) hours of training each year thereafter.  The ZBA has no authority to amend the zoning law.  The ZBA is only authorized to hear appeals from a decision made by an administrative official such as the building inspector, zoning enforcement officer, code enforcement officer or any other individual who is responsible for issuing permits or enforcing zoning.

The ZBA is required to meet four (4) times a year and/or as necessary.  The agenda of the ZBA is maintained by the ZBA secretary located in the Village Office.

Zoning Board of Appeals Members:

  • Ann-Marie Dean, Chairperson
  • Ian Cero
  • Chris Flaherty
  • Maureen Karlnoski
  • Gerard Mitrano
  • George Beldue, Alternate
  • Caroline Silva, Alternate
  • Kathy Thompson, Secretary

Village Board Liason: Trustee Scott Cullen