Road Maintenance


If you have a concern about plowing on a particular road, please check the following map to verify whether the road is maintained by the village, town, county, state, or other entity.  Then contact the appropriate agency (see right).

PDF Roads Plowed by Village and Other Entities

Winter Parking

Between November 1st and May 1st 2:00 am – 6:00 am no vehicle shall be parked within the legal right-of-way, in or upon any public street or highway in the Village.  Any vehicles parked in above area during said times may be ticketed.  Please note special winter parking regulations in the municipal parking lot on S Main St.

Mailbox Damage

If your mailbox gets damaged during snow removal by village snowplows, the Village of Churchville Department of Public Works will repair or replace your mailbox.  Your mailbox will be replaced with a standard galvanized steel or aluminum box on a standard 4’x4’ wooden post.  It is recommended if you have any other mailbox than a standard galvanized steel mailbox on a standard 4’x4’ wooden post you remove it and replace it with the standard mailbox for the winter months.  If your mailbox does get damaged, please contact the Department of Public Works at 585-293-3366.  If you live on East or West Buffalo St, North or South Main St, Park Rd or Sanford Rd and your mailbox gets damaged, please call the Town of Riga Highway Department at 585-293-2530.

Railroad Crossings

The railroad and crossings through Churchville are owned and maintained by CSX.  If you have a question or complaint, please use the “Contact Us” page of their website. Under TellCSX select a category and continue on.

For railroad emergencies please contact CSX immediately at 1-800-232-0144 or call 911.