Walking Churchville

Several village walking routes have been measured and mapped for your convenience, varying in length for a short stroll to an extended walk for exercise. Download the map here!

The Village of Churchville Trail Committee is comprised of dedicated Village and Town of Riga residents who desire to improve opportunities for outdoor recreation and exercise in our community.  The committee took as its first project the design of a trail head on the former West Shore Railroad right of way where it meets W. Buffalo St. on the west side of the Village.  In keeping with the history of the area a railroad theme was chosen.  The trail head also serves as the eastern terminus of the proposed West Shore Trail which stretches from the Village westward 12 miles and is used by walkers, cyclists, cross country skiers, and snowmobilers for recreation, exersize, and transportation.

Future projects will expand on this trail head to interconnect our extensive network of sidewalks with additional walking and exercise trails throughout the Village and the Monroe County Park to the north.