Black Creek Stream Bank Stabilization Project

The project to mitigate erosion on the Black Creek along Willowbank Dr. and Creekside Dr. began in 2016 when concerned homeowners reached out to the village for assistance. Over the years, the bank had eroded to the point where it was threatening homes and village infrastructure, and they approached the village board for help. The village initially found itself unsure of how to proceed, as we did not have the necessary expertise in flood control or erosion mitigation, so we reached out to the Monroe County Soil and Water Conservation District for their help.

The MCSWCD has the expertise to design and manage a project of this type and magnitude. They eagerly took on the project, developing a design and guiding it through the permitting process with the NYSDEC. They applied for and received a Water Quality Improvement Plan Grant for $409,000, without which this project would not have been possible. The NYSDEC had concerns with the initial design, and required some additional studies, forcing a redesign of the project to meet their approval. Finally, in the spring of 2023, the NYSDEC formally approved the design and issued the necessary permits.

Seaway Marine Group of Clayton, NY, was awarded the contract to place the material in the creek. In November, 2023, their barge and excavator finally hit the water, ready to work. With the help of the Town of Riga, Town of Ogden, and Town of Sweden, over 2900 tons of material was delivered and placed along the bank in the 1100′ project area. This was quite an operation, with many moving parts, and was done flawlessly. Now, homes and infrastructure along the Black Creek will be safely guarded from additional erosion for many years to come.

Check back often for more pictures as the project progresses!