Mill Seat Landfill Citizen’s Advisory Board

Village of Churchville representative: Trustee Michael Brown

The Mill Seat Landfill Citizens Advisory Board (CAB) was established to support community involvement and to facilitate the sharing of accurate information between landfill stakeholders, neighbors, community members and Monroe County. The CAB was designed to provide an opportunity to exchange information regarding site design, construction and operation, and to provide the community with a forum for making suggestions to Mill Seat Landfill.

The committee consists of four (4) members designated by the Town of Riga, one (1) member designated by the Village of Churchville, one (1) member designated by the Village of Bergen, one (1) member designated by the Town of Bergen, and six (6) members designated by the Monroe County Executive.

For more information about the CAB or the Mill Seat Landfill please visit Waste Management’s Mill Seat Landfill website.