Climate Smart Churchville

In 2009, New York State launched the Climate Smart Communities (CSC) program, an inter-agency initiative that encourages local communities to take action on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to climate change.

In 2022, the Village of Churchville registered in the Climate Smart Communities program. To achieve CSC Bronze Certification, a series of actions developed by the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation must be completed. These actions provide a transformational roadmap for municipalities to guide them as they work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to the effects of climate change, and thrive in a green economy. To learn more about the Climate Smart Communities Program, visit the NY State CSC website, which includes a complete list of NY Climate Smart Communities and their current certification status.

As the first action completed in the CSC Certification process, the Village of Churchville formed the Climate Smart Churchville Task Force (CSCTF) to plan and document actions taken toward our mitigation of and adaptation to climate change. The CSCTF is comprised of community members and village officials working together to achieve CSC Bronze Certification.

To date, the Village has completed 10 actions totaling 67 points towards the 120 points necessary for Bronze certification. Some of the actions include:

    • Annual Benchmarking Report
    • Undertaking an energy audit of the Village Office and DPW Garage
    • Install LED street lights
    • and more…


The CSCTF meets at 3:30pm in the Village Hall the first Thursday of each month. If you are interested in volunteering or attending a meeting, just drop us a line.