Do you have questions about new building codes? Questions about rules governing legislation on dogs? Fences? Pools? This is the place to check the Village of Churchville Legislation. Click on the link and explore. You are able to do an online search on any topic. If you need further clarification, please contact our Building Code and Enforcement Officer at 585-293-3720 ext. 134.

The Village of Churchville Code Book is in the process of being updated.

Click on this link to view the Updated Zoning Code

The Code Book for the Village of Churchville covers the following topics:

Abandoned Vehicles Outdoor Solid-Fuel Heating Device
Alcoholic Beverages Peace and Good Order
Amusements and Amusement Devices Peddling and Soliciting
Building Code Administration Personnel Policies
Cemetery Rules and Regulations Property Maintenance
Curfew Public Access to Records
Dogs and other animals Regulation of Noise


Satellite Antennas

Exhibitions and Carnivals and Circuses Seasonal Vendors and Sidewalk Cafes
Fences Sewers
Flea Markets Skateboards
Flood Damage Prevention Solid Waste

Games of Chance

Subdivision of Land
Garbage Swimming Pools
Local Laws Vehicles and Traffic
Loitering Water
Motor-driven vehicles Zoning
Officers and Employees