Rules & Regulations

  1. Cemetery hours are sunrise to sunset.
  2. There will be only one (1) adult interment to each space. There may be two (2) infants to one adult space or six (6) cremations to one adult space.
    Cremations are allowed over existing interments.
  3. All lots or spaces will be used for human remains only.
  4. Sections of body interments will be charged as infant interments.
  5. Any lot or space made available to the village by lessee will be purchased at the original selling price. It is the responsibility of any heir to a plot to
    notify the village office of the transfer so that proper recording can be made.
  6. Glass containers and tin cans will not be allowed to remain on gravesites for cut flowers or watering purposes. There will be no planting of trees,
    shrubs, or flowers in the ground. Please refer to the section on "Plot Decorations" for regulation on pots or urns.
  7. The Village will accept no responsibility for errors that might inadvertently occur in connection with telephone orders.
  8. Use of facilities and services are subject to the rules and regulations of the cemetery now in force or that hereafter be adopted.

Plot Decorations

  1. There will be NO planting of trees, shrubs, or flowers in the ground by the lessee of the cemetery plot.
  2. Pots and urns must be removed from the gravesite by October 15th of each year. Christmas wreaths and other such
    decorations must be removed by March 15th of each year.
  3. All pots and urns are to be placed at the side of the memorial marker and not in front or rear for ease of mowing.
  4. Plot lessees and visitors are requested to assist the cemetery in maintaining the beauty of the lawns by refraining from
    placing on plots numerous obstacles that hinder proper lawn mowing, thereby increasing the cost of maintenance.


Location (Rear of Section A, B, C, D, E, F)

A section of the cemetery has been set aside for cremation plots. Each plot is 42" by 4 ½" and allows six (6) burials of ashes per plot. Six cremations per one (1) adult gravesite are allowed anywhere in the cemetery.