Utility Customer Notice

Dear Customer,

If you are an electric residential or small business customer with 25 or fewer employees, protections from termination of service for the non-payment of an overdue charge may be available to you for the duration of the state disaster emergency declared pursuant to executive order two hundred two of two thousand twenty (hereinafter "the COVID-19 state of emergency"), or for 180 days thereafter.

If you are having trouble paying your utility bill, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible. There are a number of solutions available to you which include the right to enter into a Deferred Payment Agreement to prevent future terminations or disconnections. You are entitled to enter into a Deferred Payment Agreement without any down payments, late fees, or penalties.

Please note that you are still responsible for any arrears you accrue, and it is imperative that you contact the Village Office at 585-293-3720 as soon as possible so that we may find the best way to assist you in your situation.


John T. Hartman